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Flight delayed 3 hours or more from or to an EU/UK airport? Flight delays will always happen, but that doesn’t mean you're not entitled to be fairly compensated. You could be entitled to as much as £540 per passenger in compensation if your flight was delayed, diverted, cancelled or overbooked within the last 6 years.

Up to £540 in compensation

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Covers All UK/EU Airlines/Airports

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We check your eligibility to claim. If you agree, we pursue the airline for your compensation.

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Your compensation is paid directly to your bank account. An average claim for a family of 4 is £1600

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To be eligible for valid Flight Delay Compensation claims, your flight needs to have been delayed by at least 3hrs during the last 6 years. You will need to have departed from an EU/UK airport (on any airline) OR have departed from a non-EU/UK airport with the destination being an EU/UK airport (on an EU/UK airline).  If you meet these criteria,  you may be able to make a successful claim!

By completing this form and clicking "Check My Flight” you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and consent to instruct our approved legal representative to present a claim to the airline on behalf of the passengers listed above which could include issuing proceedings. You understand that they work on a no-win-no-fee basis, which means if they aren't successful you won't have to pay anything. When they do recover compensation from the airline they will deduct their fees.

Why Choose Us For Your Flight Delay Claim?

Airline flight delays are becoming more and more common, but you don't have to roll over and accept the inconvenience. If your flight was delayed, cancelled, overbooked, or you were denied boarding in the last 6 years, you could claim up to £540 compensation per passenger.

No Win, No Fee...Guaranteed!

We operate a strict no-win, no-fee policy with no upfront costs. If we can't get you compensation, you'll be charged nothing.

Receive Legal Compensation

EU Regulation 261/2004 entitles you to compensation for flight delays. Our specialist advisors pursue the claim on your behalf.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our flight claims experts do all the work for you, to ensure your claim gets you the flight compensation you deserve.

Up To £540 Per Passenger

Each passenger is eligible for up to £540 (600 euros) with a successful flight compensation claim won by our flight delay team.

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